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Free US Shipping and Gift-worthy Packaging
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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Why is everything sold out??

I'm regularly adding new batches of ceramics to my online shop, usually once or twice a month. I create everything by hand, one at a time, in small quantities. My shop updates do sell out quickly, sometimes within 5 minutes, after which everything will be sold out until the next shop update. Items are restocked regularly - but please shop right at the time of restock to get the best selection (and please remember to refresh the webpage if you don't see the pieces for sale). The best way to find out about restocks is to subscribe to my newsletter. The day before a shop update, I will send an email announcement with a preview of designs being restocked. I create small batches of each design - usually 6-20 quantity of each design.

How do I find out about restocks or new items?

My newsletter is the best way to find out about restocks and new pieces. My shop updates happen 1-2 times a month where I add a batch of new pieces or restocks (typically 100 pieces at a time). The day before a shop update, I will send an email announcement with a preview of pieces being added. Please subscribe to be on my email list, and you will be among the first to find out about them. I respect your privacy and I will email only a couple times a month and only for shop update announcements. I will never sell or share your email address. 

Another good place to see what I'm making is Instagram. I post new items and updates regularly on my Instagram feed and stories (@vuvu_ceramics)

Can I special order a custom item or something that sold out?

I'm unable to accept custom orders or pre-orders. Some items are popular and there is often far more demand than I have pieces available - thank you for your patience as I create more. Everything is handmade, one at a time, and each piece is a unique piece of art. The best place to find out about upcoming restocks is via my newsletter.

If you see something you love, please don't wait to purchase it since it might be the only one like it. Some pieces are also seasonal, since I use real leaves and flowers that only bloom at certain times of the year. If you have missed out purchasing something you fell in love with, feel free to send me a note and I can let you know if I will be making more. 

If an item you've seen in the past is no longer listed in my shop, then chances are I have retired that design. If an item shows as "sold out", then chances are I will be restocking that design soon. Flowers and leaves are seasonal, so some pieces are made only certain times of the year.

Do you ship internationally?

I currently ship to the US and Canada, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia. Free shipping in the US includes Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico!

Orders to Canada, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia may incur additional tax and duties - these are collected by your government and are completely out of my control. Please do not email me asking me to declare lower values or to declare the package to be a gift - that is fraud and I cannot risk my business to save a customer from paying required taxes. By purchasing items on my website, you are agreeing to pay these additional fees upon receipt. IF THE PACKAGE IS RETURNED TO ME by your customs office due to your refusal to pay tax/duties, I will not refund any shipping charges, I will not re-ship the package, and I will charge a 30% restocking fee. Thank you for understanding.

I don't currently ship to Europe because of new EU and UK customs regulations and requirements, as well as delays in customs. I'm sorry - thank you for understanding. If that changes, I will update the information here. 

Are the items I add to my cart reserved until I check out?

Unfortunately no. If two people add the same item to their cart, the person that checks out first gets it. This is how shopping platforms such as Shopify and Etsy work and I apologize in advance if this causes you to miss completing a purchase. I hate to have anyone feel frustrated by this.

To check out successfully, I recommend that you have your account created ahead of time with all the necessary shipping information and payment information ready, so that you can check out more quickly once you find something you like. If you purchase items as multiple orders, don't worry - I will combine them when I process the orders. If you are an international customer, I will combine the orders and refund any excess shipping charge.

What are the prices of your items? 

Generally the pieces range from $75-200+. A typical ring dish with flowers and leaves is usually around $115-155 (sometimes I have small versions of them which are $75-85). If there are added sculptures like bees or foxes, etc, or if I use a lot of gold, the price is higher. The pieces are all kiln fired ceramic with real 22kt gold. US shipping is free. International shipping is by weight and is around $20-30 depending on location. 

Do you offer classes or workshops?

I don't offer any in-person classes, but please subscribe to my Youtube channel - I have some instructional videos and tutorials there. Vuvu Ceramics - YouTube

How can I learn ceramics?

The best place to learn ceramics is in person in a ceramics or pottery class. Ceramics requires a lot of instruction, technique, understanding of the nature of clay, and use of materials and complexities of glaze and glazing. It also requires a kiln. A typical kiln firing will reach temperatures over 2200F degrees and last an entire day. Learning in a class will also allow you to try everything from handbuilding/sculpture to throwing on a pottery wheel - and to discover what you love best. Look for classes at local pottery studios, art center, and community colleges.

What kind of clay do you use?

I use ceramic clay that is fired to approximately 2200 degrees F for full vitrification. I usually work with a fine white stoneware that fires to a beautiful warm white, as well as a high quality porcelain that has the slight translucence and very white color that porcelain is known for. My pieces are all kiln-fired to high temperatures for full maturity and vitrification of the clay. I often ask if the added sculptures like the little bees or foxes are "glued" on - no they are not - it is all one sculpture created together and fired in the kiln as one piece. The colors are all ceramic pigments and glazes. There is no glue, no conventional paint used - and the gold is real 22kt gold.

Are your ceramics and production methods environmentally friendly?

I use only natural clay bodies, food-safe glazes, and non-toxic lead-free materials in my creations, all sourced in the United States. My ceramics are fired in two electric kilns and the electricity is provided by solar panels, thus reducing my impact on local resources. The flowers and leaves I use in my work are grown in my garden, using only organic methods with no pesticides. I always make sure there is enough planted for all the pollinators that visit my garden. After I use plant materials, they are composted in my garden to help create next year's garden. Whenever possible I use recycled materials in my packaging and shipping process. 

How do you add gold to your pieces? Is it real gold...?

The gold that accents my work is real 22kt gold! It has a unique beauty especially in combination with ceramic finishes. The pure gold particles are suspended in an oil emulsion that can be painted on ceramics. It must be fired in a special process in the kiln to bond the gold permanently to the piece. There is a high expense to using real gold, but I strive to keep the prices of my ceramics accessible and affordable.

Are the glazes and ceramics safe to use?

All my clay, glazes, and finishes are professional materials that are lead-free, completely non-toxic, and food safe. Many of my pieces are heavily textured since they are created from plant imprints, so that makes them impractical for food. Most people use my ceramics as jewelry dishes, trinket dishes, or ring holders.

Do you really create everything or do you have assistants?

I create everything myself and I am the only person working at Vuvu Ceramics. While most larger ceramics studios do have apprentices and assistants, I do not. So whether it's answering your messages, creating and firing my ceramics, making videos of the process, or packaging and sending pieces to you, I do this all myself. And I hope that you feel the care and thought that goes into every phase of bringing my art to you. If sometimes you don't hear from me right away, please know I am likely busy in the studio creating more things to share with you.

What is the care and maintenance for my pieces?


All stoneware and porcelain is kiln fired to over 2200 degrees F and very durable. However all ceramics can break if dropped or knocked against any hard surface. Treat them the same as any pottery or glass object. If broken, the pieces are sharp so please handle with care - you can contact me for advice on whether/how to repair the piece.

Wash ceramics by hand to give them a long life. Mugs, spoon rests, and other functional pottery can be placed in the dishwasher or microwave, but handwashing is always recommended. Pieces with gold accents cannot be placed in the microwave (no metal in microwaves).

Gold and silver luster

Any piece with metallic luster (22kt yellow gold or 22kt white gold) should be kept away from any abrasive surface. It is difficult to remove the metallic finish since it is fired on, but with repeated exposure to highly abrasive materials (think sandpaper) it can be done. Gold is a soft material and the accents on your piece are high purity gold. Exposed to friction, it will eventually dull or come off like any gold. 

To clean those items, simply wash in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. Metallic lusters are non-toxic and food safe. 

Anything with gold on it must not be placed in the microwave since it is real gold (no metal in microwaves!). 

Chains and cords
All chains and cords should be kept away from abrasive substances and water. Please remove when showering or swimming.  The findings I use are gold filled and should be durable. The complimentary chains I provide are gold plated and the gold may wear off over time. 

If there is ever a need to clean the pendants, just wash gently in warm soapy water and use a soft cloth to dry off. 
Made of stoneware and porcelain, the pendants are durable, but they can break if dropped or knocked against hard surfaces.
There is a problem with my order, what should I do?
Fortunately this is NOT a frequently asked question and (knock on wood) a question I rarely receive. Please contact me right away and see my Return policy if it applies.