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About me

Deana Coveney artist Vuvu Ceramics

I'm Deana Coveney, the creator at Vuvu Ceramics studio. I live in Encinitas, California, a small beach town north of San Diego.

I have been working with clay for over 30 years. I love to make things with my hands, and I have worked in everything from stained glass to mosaics to welding. I especially love creating with clay because it's a very expressive and personal medium - you can truly sense the hands of the artist in the finished piece.

I'm inspired by nature and the artistry in every leaf and flower. My work celebrates the garden and has a storybook aesthetic with cute fox, owl, and frog figurines adorning my ceramic pieces - they bring a feeling of forest magic and perhaps a little mischief to make you smile.

Every piece - from a handmade sculpture to a necklace to a jewelry holder -  is individually handmade and very labor intensive. Every piece is made by me from beginning to end in my studio, with no molds, no apprentices, and no mass production methods. From the moment I start a piece until it shows up at your doorstep, no one has touched this piece except for me. I want each piece to feel like it is coming from my hands to yours, like a story I am telling you.

I start with fine stoneware clay and porcelain, forming pieces on the pottery wheel or sculpting by hand. The ceramic pieces are fired twice in my kiln for full maturation, often with real 22kt gold details that are added in a third firing. I grow the flowers and leaves in my own garden, always making sure there is more than enough for all the bees and butterflies and ladybugs that visit. My electric kilns are both powered by solar energy. I try my best to work harmoniously with nature and to create environmentally friendly art.

Each work captures a small world and meant to bring joy and light to your home. I love creating ceramic art, and my wish is for it to make you happy from the moment you open the package and to fill you with joy every time you see it.

The name Vuvu comes from the abbreviation of Vulpes Vulpes, the scientific name of the Red Fox. You may find one curled up sleeping on the corner of your ring holder.

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